review: Is goldmiineng com legit? Read before Goldmine login or sign up

Have you been searching for Goldmine login, Goldmiineng com, Goldmiine ng, Goldmine app, apk download, Goldmine investment, Goldmine platform, login? Or you’ve heard of Goldmine and you want to know how it works, if it’s legit or scam before you proceed to Goldmiineng register (registration) or Goldmine ng login? Then this post you’re reading will surely benefit you.

I’m pretty sure that someone might have introduced you to Goldmine and you decided to do thorough research before you proceed to register or sign up. The good news is that we’ve compiled all its features to help you understand whether you should sign up and login to your Goldmine account dashboard or not.

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Our reviews here at Online Jobs and Earning Platforms are meant to create awareness to help our readers make informed decision when it comes to make money online opportunities.

Lets dive in…

Nowadays, online business has become an indispensable part. People rely on online businesses for income, but there are very few permanent online businesses.

So many people hope to find a passive income but in most cases end up crashing due to the inability of the platform to pay members.

A new platform called Goldmine has been launched, this has made us write this review to help potential investors from falling prey. Kindly read this review without skipping a line before your proceed to Goldmine register or Goldmine login.

In this Goldmine review, we’ll be elaborating more on the following sub-topics: Goldmine registration/sign up, Goldmine login, Is Goldmine scam, Is Goldmine Legit, How does Goldmine work? Goldmine
withdrawal, Goldmine referral and more.

What is Goldmine all about? (Goldmiine ng) is an Online platform that pays you for carrying out online activities. Goldmine pays you for sharing sponsored posts, referring your friends, daily mining bonus and more.

The platform was innovated by an experienced monetization expert in a bid to equip her members financially with affiliate skills.

When a member signs up on Goldmine, he/she has access to 4 ways of earning, which can be accessible via one-time registration fee of 3,000 naira.

How does Goldmine work?

You earn a welcome bonus of 1500 Naira as well as 500mb data after a successful registration fee of 3,000 naira.

You earn by mining daily for a 200 naira bonus, and also by sharing sponsored posts daily for 100 naira bonus.

You can also make money from referring/inviting your friends to register on the platform, as well as earning
via compensation plans/contests.

How to make money on Goldmine earning platform

You earn money by performing activities on the platform. This includes sharing sponsored posts and Daily mining. You earn N100 naira for sharing daily sponsored post and N200 for Goldmine daily mining.

You also earning a whooping commission of 2000 naira for inviting your friends to join Goldmine.

Goldmine allows you earn through indirect affiliates. This means you can earn when someone you registered on Goldmine directly with your referral link registers another person. You get another whooping sum of 200 naira unlimitedly as long as they keep referring.

Goldmine also claim to compensate you with lots of amazing prizes ranging from cash, iphones, samsungs, sound bars, air condition, pressing iron, TVs and so on, due to your participation/contribution in the massive growth of the platform.

Goldmine register (Goldmiine ng registration or sign up)

  1. Get a verified coupon vendor on the Goldmine website
  2. Visit register (sign up)
  3. Input your the required details including your name, phone number and password
  4. Click on the Goldmiine Register button

Goldmine login (Goldmiine ng login or sign in)

To login to, follow the below guide:

  1. Visit login (sign in)
  2. Input your username and password
  3. Click on the Goldmine login button

Goldmine withdrawals

Non referral users can cash out twice monthly, 15 & 30 a minimum of 12,000 naira must be earned, payment can be in USDT or naira.

Is Goldmine legit?

It has not been verified if this platform is legit or scam as at the time of writing this Review because we have not seen any payment proof neither have we heard of any fraudulent act from this platform.

Goldmine is a very new platform, it only launched in 2022, it is far too early to determine if it is legit or

Do you know if this platform is legit as at the time you are reading this article? Please drop a comment below for all to see and know more about this platform.

One thing you should know is that there is no online business without risk, so if you do decide to invest in this platform, make sure you do so with money you can afford to lose.

Is Goldmine scam?

There have been no complaints of Goldmine being scam. If you have anything to say about this platform, you can leave them below in the comment section.

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Who is the Ceo/founder or owner of Goldmine?

It is uncertain who the CEO or founder of Goldmine is at the moment and it serves as a Red Flag. A platform that fails to put the name of the CEO cannot be trusted 100% because you can hold anyone responsible if any happens.


Goldmine is a newly launched platform that pays you for carrying out daily tasks. In this review, we’ve addresses the following queries: Goldmine login, Goldmiineng com, Goldmiine ng, Goldmine app, apk download, Goldmine investment, Goldmine platform, Goldmine earning structure, login and more.

Thank you for reading this Goldmine review. If you have any question or comment, you can leave it below.

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