Reviews: Is Palm share Legit or scam? Palm shares login, Register and how it works (palm share) is another online paying platform that allows you make money for free With palm share, you don’t need to deposit a dime before getting started.

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I’ll also give answers to the following questions: Is Palmshares.Com legit? How can I withdraw on Palmshares.Com? Who is the founder of palm shares?

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What is PalmShares.Com all about?

Palm shares is an online platform that helps South Africans earn cool cash online from the comfort of their home. Palmshares gives a bonus of R25 to all new members after you successfully registered. Registration is free just like I said earlier, so don’t bother about any registration fees.

In palmshares, one simply has to perform some usual daily task online that doesn’t take time or stress. I call it usual because they’re task we do every day. Truth be told, these tasks done on this platform are even fun to do. Imagine making money while having fun at the same time. That seems cool, right?!

Palm share ( claims to offers people Easy ways to make money Online through investment in Palmshare funds, deposits and VIP membership plans.

PalmShares.Com (Palm shares) Vip Levels

Palm shares has different vip plans. The difference between these levels is that, the higher the level, the more money you make. For this reason, they deposit funds and upgrade to a higher palm shares vip level. has about six vip levels. So if you desire to earn more cash, then you can choose to upgrade.

NOTE : All new participants of palm share are on the free vip level immediately after registration and they earn the least. sigh

PalmShares.Com Register or Sign Up (Palm shares Register) Registration

To register or sign up on palm shares, you simply have to go to follow the below short guide:

  1. Visit
  2. You will automatically be taken to the registration page where you’ll fill in your phone number and other required informations.

The palmshares.Com sign up process is very easy with little or no stress.

Palm shares ( Invitation code

For your palm shares invitation code, use 160086 as your Invitation code

PalmShares.Com Login

The login process for this platform is also very easy.
Visit or sign in and Navigate to the login page, fill
in your email/phone number and password.
Then click on the ‘ login.’ button.

Palm Shares app (apk) download

After a successful Registration, the palm shares app will automatically be downloaded to your phone.

How to withdraw on PalmShares.Com (Palm shares withdrawal)

The minimum withdrawal is R100. If you are yet to earn up to R100, then you won’t be able to make any withdrawals on Palmshares.Com
Whenever you reach the withdrawal threshold, you can place withdrawal anytime you want to.

How to deposit on Palm Shares (Palmshares.Com)

The reason for deposits is if you want to upgrade to palmshares higher plan.
So to upgrade, locate the ‘deposit’ tab and click on it to make payments.

How to refer or invite on Palmshares.Com (Palm shares Referral)

You can invite or refer members to join palmshares.Com by sharing your referral link.

Who is the CEO / founder of PalmShares.Com

The founder or owner of Palm shares is yet to be known.

Where can I find PalmShares.Com

You can only find this platform online. That is why it is called an ‘ online money making site. ‘

Is (Palm shares) PalmShares.Com Legit or Scam?

Palmshares.Com seems to be legit! as we can find a lot of proof of palm shares payment on social platforms.
Do note that, the platform might stop paying in the nearest future. We cannot guarantee that they would be legit forever!

Is (Palm shares) PalmShares.Com Scam?

As a newly launched platform with some payment proof from members, no one has reported it as scam. But beware that palm shares ( is a ponzi scheme website, such website can crash at any point in time. So invest wisely as I’ll always say.

Conclusion: Palm share ( Review – Is palm shares legit or scam?

We thrive to bring money making opportunities to our beloved readers, however we advise you to invest wisely on Palmshares platform because it can stop at any given time.

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