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Nowadays, online business has become an indispensable part. People rely on online businesses for income, but there are very few permanent online businesses, so many people hope to find true permanent online businesses.

So most people hope to find a passive income but in most cases ended up crashing due to the inability of the platform to pay members. This has made us provide honest review on online platforms to help online hustlers know how legitimate a platform is before investing their hard earned money and time on such platforms.

One of these online platforms is the Chainmine (Chainmine.oi) which we’ll be reviewing today including sub topics like: review, chainmine login, chainmine, is chainmine legit? Is chainmine real or fake? and more.

DISCLAIMER: This website is not in any way affiliated with hence this review is based on honesty and broad insight.

Someone might have introduced you to chainmine or you heard of it on social media and you decided to do thorough research about the platform. The Good news is we have compiled all its features to help you understand whether you should join chainmine.oi and proceed to login or not.

Our reviews here at Online Jobs Reviews are meant to create awareness to help our readers make informed decision when it comes to make money online opportunities. Kindly read this article to the end without skipping a line.

Lets dive in….

What is chainmine all about? is an online platform that allows you earn money through bitcoin cloud mining , whenever you make investments by buying, mining from their already mining pool.

After successful registration on, you will receive the chainmine free bonus, their cloud miners will start directly and mine your Bitcoins, day and night – anytime without interruptions.

How does work?

After a successful registration on, you get a Free chainmine sign up bonus, Free 1 TH/s miner powerSign up today and get 1000
GH/s for free.

You may get your bitcoin straight right into a bitcoin wallet of your selection or change them and buy more
hardware power, straight with one click on and no ready time to extend your mining earnings much more.

You too can see your dwell stats, handle and improve your bitcoin cloud miners at any time in your private dashboard.

How to get free hardware power

You can only get free hardware/ hash power of 1000 GH/s (1 TH/s) directly and that’s after registration. so the performance will be activated directly and automatically for your cloud miner. then the Bitcoin mining can starts immediately.
1 TH/s equals 1000 GH/s.\

How to upgrade hardware power

This platform offer 3 ways to extend the power of your cloud miner. Read Tecno Pop 5 Price in Nigeria, So Purchase new hashpower directly, exchange your mined bitcoins for new hashpower or recruit new customers and receive a percentage commission in the form of extra hashpower.

All investments at Chainmine are for lifetime, there is no need to renew or pay additional fees to the mining contract. Sign-up (chainmine Register or Registration)

Kindly follow the below steps to register or sign up on registration.

  1. Visit sign up
  2. Input your username, email address and preferred password.
  3. Click on the Register button to get started.
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Chainmine login ( Login or Sign in)

To login to your dashboard, follow the below guide for your chain mine login:

  1. Visit login or sign in
  2. Input your username and password.
  3. Click on the chain mine login to access your chainmine account. Referral (Chainmine referral or Affiliate program

Chain mine offers commission for inviting your friends and family just like any other online platform. All you’ve to do is to send your personal referral link to friends in forums or on social media platforms.

For every new customer who signs up through your link and purchases hardware power, you will receive a 7% commission (level 1) on all of his/her total hash power.

Now, if your recruited user follows the same pattern and also recruits more customers, you will get 2% (level 2) and 1% (level 3) on their newly recruited customer’s hashpower.

Breakdown of Chain mine 3-level referral system

  • Level 1 – 7%
  • Level 2 – 2%
  • Level 3 – 1%
  • No limits or requirements

Chainmine App or apk (Chain mine apk download)

The Chain mine app is available on the chain mine platform. You can easily download the chain mine apk for your mobile phone.

Who is the CEO/Owner of

The founder of Chainmine is not available.

It is uncertain who the CEO of is not available at the moment and it serves as a Red Flag.

A platform that fails to put the name of the CEO cannot be trusted 100% because you can hold anyone responsible if anything happens.

Is Legit? (Is Chainmine real or fake)

Not Sure

It has not been verified if Chainmine is legit or scam as at the time of writing this Review because we have not seen any payment proof neither have we heard of any fraudulent act from this platform. is a really new platform, it launched in 2021 far too early to find out whether it is legit scam.

Do you know if this platform is legit as at the time you are reading this article? Please drop a comment below for all to see and know more about this platform.

One thing you should know is that this is not a get rich quick scheme where you get 100% of your investment in some hours.

So investments on are lifetime, and doesn’t require any renewal. every buyer on the platform should buy a minimal of 4.10TH/S and a most of 46.90PH /S per order.

Conclusion: Chain mine review and Login

Finally! We’ve reached the end of this review guide. In this review, I’ve shared with you information on chainmine login, chainmine, chainmine legit, chainmine io app, chainmine apk, chain mine login, sign up, apk, app, real or fake? and more.

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