Easiest Ways on How To Make Money on Jumia 2020

I’m sure most people don’t know that they can make money with Jumia aside buying products from them. Actually, you can make up to 6 figures monthly on jumia by reading this post to the end. Today I’ll be sharing with you how you can make money from the popular online marketplace.

Making money on Jumia doesn’t require you having a white collar job. All you need is yourself, smart phone or a pc and a good internet connection. So what you should do right now is a cup of coffee or whatever you may like to drink, relax on your sofa, read this post to the end and start making money from the comfort of your home.

Now, let me quickly go into what brought you to this page How To Make Money on Jumia.

1. Become a Jumia affiliate

Jumia affiliate program is one of the best affiliate program to make money from. How this works is, you promote Jumia products and earn up to 11% commission whenever someone uses your unique affiliate link to place order and finally make payment.

This is how the Jumia affiliate program works: When you sign up to the Jumia affiliate program, you’ll be provided with a unique affiliate link. Now, you promote the jumia products with that your link. So whenever someone buys a product from Jumia, you earn up to 11% commission. You can join the Jumia affiliate program by clicking Sign up

After sign up, first look for the product to promote. Ensure you choose a product that your fans really want. Promote the product, get more people through your link and earn commissions. You can use banners also. From the various banners, choose a banner that is according to your target audience.

You can promote your product on your blog. If you don’t have a blog then read this How to create a website and also promote your affiliate link and banners on social media.

2. Sell on Jumia

If you want to sell your own personal products or services, you can easily sell them on Jumia. Jumia allows you to list your products for sale as long as you have genuine products that you want to sell.

So whatever product you have, giving an online presence with the help of Jumia is another great way to sell your product and make money.

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To get started, visit the Jumia seller registration page and sign up. After sign up, you can now be able to upload your products to sell on Jumia. You can contact the jumia support line if you need assistance throughout the process.

3. Selling Your Imported Products on Jumia

This is another way to make money on Jumia. After starting Mini importation business, the next step is to sell your product. One of the best place to sell your product is Jumia. With Jumia, your goods will be exposed to a larger market. To read more about how to sell your imported products on Jumia coming soon

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Become an Independent Sales Consultant

To become a Jumia sales consultant, you need to register, create your own team and start selling Jumia products. Becoming a Jumia sales consultant is another way to make money on Jumia. You can make up to N1, 000,000 Naira monthly as a Jumia sales consultant.

Conclusion: Jumia is a fast growing shopping website that might be competing with the likes of Amazon etc. Who knows!

Today, I’ve shared with you how to make money form the popular online store website. Make sure to follow the right procedure and you’ll see yourself making millions of Naira from Jumia.

Feel free to share with us some other methods of making money from Jumia by commenting below.


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