Jamb Syllabus for Physics 2022/2023 (Pdf download)

Have you been searching for Jamb Syllabus for Physics 2022/2023? Do you want to download the Jamb physics syllabus 2022/2023? Or what is the jamb syllabus for Physics 2022/2023 pdf download? This post for you as we’ll be disclosing to you everything you need to know about JAMB Syllabus For Physics 2022 pdf download.

As an aspiring 2022 Jamb candidate, it’s important that you get some information about the syllabus beforehand to help you prepare for the exam so that you won’t make the common mistakes first time candidates usually make.

That being said, It pleases us here at Naijamula to share this free Physics Jamb Syllabus for 2022 with you. Kindly go through this article to get the the jamb syllabus for download and get yourself well prepared for the exam.

What Is Physics JAMB Syllabus?

Physics JAMB Syllabus is an outline containing topics of concentration that candidates are expected to study for their JAMB Exams after registration. This syllabus in Physics is intended to prepare the candidates for the Board’s examination.

The Physics Jamb Syllabus is designed to test their achievement of the course objectives, which are to:

1. Sustain their interest in physics;
2. Develop attitude relevant to physics that encourage accuracy, precision and objectivity;
3. Interpret physical phenomena, laws, definitions, concepts and other theories;
4. Demonstrate the ability to solve correctly physics problems using relevant theories and

Jamb Syllabus for Physics

Below is the Jamb approved Syllabus For Physics 2022/2023.

  1. Measurement and Unit
    • Mass
    • Time
    • Fundamental physical quantities
    • Derived physical quantities and their units
    • Dimensions
    • Limitations of experimental measurements
  2. Scalars and VectorsMass
  3. Motion
    • Types of motion
    • linear motion
    • Projectiles
    • Newton’s laws of motion
    • Motion in a circle
    • Simple Harmonic Motion (S.H.M)
  4. Gravitational field
  5. Equilibrium of Forces
    • equilibrium of a particles
    • principles of moments
    • conditions for equilibrium of rigid bodies under the action of parallel and non-parallel forces
    • centre of gravity and stability
  6. Work Energy and Power
  7. Friction
  8. Simple Machines
  9. Elasticity
  10. Pressure
    • Atmospheric Pressure
    • Pressure in liquids
  11. Liquids At Rest
  12. Temperature and Its Measurement
  13. Thermal Expansion
    • Solids
    • liquids
  14. Gas Laws
  15. Quantity of Heat
  16. Change of State
  17. Vapours
  18. Structure of Matter and Kinetic Theory
  19. Heat Transfer
  20. Waves
    • Production and Propagation
    • Classification
    • Characteristics / Properties
  21. Propagation of Sound Waves
  22. Characteristics of Sound Waves
  23. Light Energy
    • Source of Light
    • Propagation of light
  24. Reflection of Light at Plane and Curved Surfaces
  25. Refraction of Light Through:
    • Plane and Curved Surface
    • Glass Prism
  26. Optical Instruments
  27. Dispersion of light and colours / Electgro magnetic spectrum
  28. Electrostatics
  29. Capacitors
  30. Electric Cells
  31. Current Electricity
  32. Electrical Energy and Power
  33. Magnets and Magnetic Fields
  34. Force on a Current-Carrying Conductor
  35. Electromagnetic Induction / Inductance / Eddy Current
  36. Simple A. C. Circuits
  37. Conduction of Electricity Through Liquid and Gases
  38. Elementary Modern Physics
  39. Introductory Electronics
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Jamb Syllabus for Physics PDF Download

The Physics syllabus PDF File has all you need to know about JAMB Syllabus For Physics 2022. Kindly click the below link to download.

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